At the heart of our service lies a meticulously devised process, curated to seamlessly guide you from that first consultation to the grand crescendo of your wedding day. Our dedication to ensuring a frictionless journey is unwavering, and we've found this method to be the ultimate recipe for success. This journey is structured into five distinct phases:

Crafting Your Dream Event: Our Streamlined Booking and Design Journey

The Inaugural Consultation:
This is where the magic begins, where we sit down to understand your vision and desires.

The Rough Quoting Phase:
Here, we translate your dreams into figures, offering rough estimates to give you a preliminary sense of pricing.

Securing Your Booking:
Once you're ready to embark on this creative voyage together, we ask for a retainer to secure your date and officially make us a part of your special day.

The Design Stage:
Now, we dive into the artistic process, shaping your vision into a concrete design plan that will make your day truly exceptional.

Wedding Day Implementation:
The grand finale, where everything comes to life, and your dream event becomes a stunning reality.

Our process is more than just a series of steps; it's a symphony of creativity, dedication, and meticulous planning that culminates in the event of your dreams.

A Five Phase Service

Embarking on the journey to craft your dream wedding starts with the inaugural stage of our bespoke booking process—a virtual appointment that sets the stage for a truly exceptional experience. During this consultative rendezvous, we delve into the intricate world of floral design concepts and visions, your preferred color palette, the meticulous selection of floral elements, as well as your wedding day priorities. We're not just skimming the surface; we're diving deep into the nuances.

This immersive conversation also delves into the logistical intricacies surrounding your chosen venue and the carefully crafted timeline for your special day. We leave no stone unturned. Why, you may ask? The answer lies in the profound belief that comprehending every facet of your wedding day is paramount. Whether we're well-acquainted with the venue or it's a new setting altogether, we crave a holistic understanding of the day. After all, the timing, venue restrictions, and the unique preferences of each couple can dramatically vary.

The Inaugural Consultation: Virtual Call


As you step into our initial meeting, here's a checklist of information you should have at your fingertips, each marked with its level of importance:

Wedding date (imperative)
Ceremony and Reception Venue (imperative)
Guest Count (somewhat important; a round number suffices)
Floor Plan (important; a rough draft aids our planning)
Design style (somewhat important; a general idea serves as a starting point)
Color Palette (least important; a rough idea is sufficient)
Specific must-have specialty blooms (somewhat important; a general idea helps)
Budget (imperative)

From this initial conversation, we begin to craft a rough estimate of what your unique design may cost. Transparency is a cornerstone of our approach, as we believe that a harmonious budget underpins the entire journey. Your comfort with our pricing and our ability to align with your priorities is paramount.

Typically, we present several rough quotes, discussing various design options so you can gauge how choices affect pricing. At this stage, having a preliminary floor plan is essential for precision in estimating floral costs. It's worth noting that most couples allocate more than half of their budget towards table designs, making the table count a pivotal factor.

The Rough Quoting Phase


Once we've aligned our visions and are ready to embark on this creative journey together, we request a flat retainer fee to secure your wedding date, officially marking us as your chosen floral artisans. This retainer fee, along with a signed contract, signifies our commitment and guarantees that we meet our floral minimum for your wedding day. Currently, our floral minimum stands at $18,000, encompassing taxes, delivery, and all labor fees involved in your floral estimate. Typically, our clients choose to invest more than our minimum, but this varies depending on the elements mentioned earlier. Worth noting is that while we maintain exclusivity in our floral offerings throughout the event, candle and other rental services can be outsourced to other vendors.

Securing Your Booking


Once you've taken that exciting step of officially booking with us, the real fun begins. At Duia and Jean, we take immense pride in our distinctive design process, a process that sets us apart from the rest. We believe in the power of collaboration, and that's why we offer our clients an ample amount of consultation time to explore and co-create their dream wedding visions.

In this collaborative journey, we go the extra mile by presenting you with a personalized floral design showcase. Our focus? The exquisite floral centerpieces, those cherished personal flowers, and all the captivating installations that will grace your event. But we don't stop there. We understand that your vision extends beyond florals, encompassing specialty rentals and other unique design elements. That's why we provide you with a comprehensive overview of how all these elements will harmoniously come together in your chosen space.


The Design Stage


Now, here's where our digital wizardry comes into play. Through our adept digital rendering skills, we bring your vision to life on the screen. You won't need to rely solely on imagination; we'll show you exactly how your wedding venue will transform well before the big day arrives.

To give you a glimpse of what to expect, below, we've curated a selection of sample designs from our portfolio. These exemplify how we'll present this wealth of information to you, painting a vivid picture of the enchanting world we'll craft for your special day

Today marks the culmination of all the meticulous planning and preparation we've undertaken together. It's your wedding day, and it's time to watch your dreams materialize before your very eyes. We invite you to take a deep breath, relax, and trust in the fact that we've got every aspect covered.

Our full-service design and production crew is here to orchestrate the magic. They'll expertly set up your wedding space, seamlessly execute any necessary transformations, and when the festivities have come to a close, gracefully dismantle everything.

With a talented team like ours, we're ready to face any challenges that may arise throughout the day, whether it's unpredictable weather or last-minute design adjustments. 

Wedding Day Implementation


Our commitment to you is unwavering, and we're dedicated to bringing everything together in the most breathtaking and harmonious way imaginable. Your wedding day is a masterpiece in the making, and we're here to ensure it unfolds flawlessly.




Let's get started designing your dream wedding!


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