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Sculpting love with blooms! Duia and Jean's "Petals and Proportions Guide" is your path to floral splendor on your big day. Understand our sizing standards and our unique approach to designing your dream wedding.

Your wedding day is a canvas waiting to be painted with the hues of love and the fragrance of dreams. Among the myriad elements that create this masterpiece, none is as enchanting as the floral décor. Each petal, each bloom, holds the promise of romance and the essence of your unique love story. Welcome to a journey where flowers become poetry, and let us at Duia and Jean provide you with the tools to select your perfect blooms, and transform your wedding into an unforgettably beautiful day.

Setting the Floral Stage

Central to Duia and Jean's approach is the meticulous adherence to sizing standards. We believe that the size and quality of floral elements plays a pivotal role in creating visual harmony. Whether it's a petite posy or a grand Installation, we implement these sizing and material standards to ensure that every bloom finds its perfect place.

Scale in floral size is key to a visually cohesive wedding. Duia and Jean's commitment to maintaining proportion in our designs ensures that your floral décor is not just beautiful but also consistently so. You can think of this method as the Golden Ratio of centerpiece design for your tables. We aim to always give you designs that are right for your space, and the overall look you are aiming to achieve. Never will you be disappointed in the lush styles we create for your wedding, no matter the aesthetic. Your guests will be enchanted by the seamless elegance of your wedding.

Use this guide as a jumping-off point to understanding the rough quotes you receive from us before booking, and how we approach your design. Let this help you decide what is right for you with your centerpiece and candle designs. In this guide, you will find the following references: 

Duia and Jean's centerpiece size names and dimensions.
Suggested centerpiece sizes for standard table types (please see beginning notes on each centerpiece section)
Round tables: 32", 48", 60" & 72"
Rectangular tables: 6ft and 8ft tables
Suggestions for styling continuous-length tables (accent florals and styling)
Complimenting candle ratios for all the centerpiece styles

Our Approach

Each unique centerpiece style has been expertly photographed, thoughtfully displayed on tables that best harmonize with their inherent charm. Take note of their suggested sizes at the outset of each section, providing invaluable guidance for selecting the perfect fit. In tandem with these captivating designs, you'll find a curated selection of candles, meticulously chosen to ensure a harmonious scale within the broader context of your tablespace design.

The visual gallery showcases all the designs in an elegant all-white palette, complemented by accompanying candle pieces. However, it's important to bear in mind that our wedding designs are as diverse as your individual style, composition, and material preferences, ensuring a truly personalized touch to your special day.

In the realm of floristry, the essence lies in the meticulous balance of scale and quality of design. Through the passage of time, we've honed an infallible formula, a true code, for crafting centerpieces that not only define a space but also exude the perfect proportions of design. This artistry ensures that the flowers ascend to their rightful throne as the enduring focal point of your wedding.

Amongst our clients and our dedicated team, tall floral designs reign supreme as an absolute favorite. These designs, available in various standard offerings, stand as resounding statements within any space. But what guides the selection of these diverse sizes, you might wonder? Well, it all hinges on the perceived volume of your venue and your overarching vision. Venues with lofty, cavernous ceilings beckon our largest creations, while others offer more flexibility in sizing. It's vital to note that the grandeur of your floral centerpiece directly correlates with the overall impact on the space. In certain cases, opting for these majestic designs can prove to be not only visually astounding but also cost-effective, as they require fewer individual pieces to achieve a splendid result that leaves an indelible mark.

Beautiful statment florals


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The selection of tall florals plays a pivotal role in shaping the proportions of your space, an artistry that must not be underestimated. These varied-sized pieces can range from grandeur to petite, each contributing its unique floral charm and height to your wedding design canvas.

Our standard repertoire boasts a selection of eloquent choices:

U-Shaped Linear Pieces: These epitomize a graceful flow, weaving through your space with effortless unique charm.
D&J Classic Tall Floral: A cherished staple, this majestic creation frequents the limelight, captivating hearts with its timeless allure.
Teacup Floral: While smaller in stature than the signature, it exudes a kindred enchantment, sharing the same captivating essence.
Candelabra Tall Floral: A candle-centric design is the embodiment of romance, this option beckons with its candle-lit splendor.

The choice of these pieces to adorn your space is intrinsically tied to your venue's ambiance and the style you aspire to manifest, a crucial decision that harmonizes with your vision.

The reference above furnishes precise measurements for our meticulously crafted pieces and their accompanying vessels. However, it's worth noting that the heights may fluctuate in correspondence with different vessel selections. Feel free to reach out and inquire about the plethora of options at your disposal.

tall florals to scale

As a counterpart to the towering elegance of tall floral designs, the Low Lush Centerpiece emerges as a vital player in the orchestration of a captivating reception design. Your choice, in part, hinges on the unique character of your chosen venue, a guiding force that helps sculpt your vision into reality.

The notion that only tall florals can define a space is gracefully debunked by these enchanting Low Lush Floral pieces. They possess a captivating allure that can stand alone as a focal point or harmonize effortlessly with their taller counterparts, yielding a design that rivals the awe-inspiring impact of towering florals.

When faced with the delightful dilemma of selecting the perfect style, trust in your personal preferences and the intrinsic needs of the space. In this creative process, these abundant floral designs are a foolproof choice that will undoubtedly elicit gasps of admiration from all who encounter them.

Low lush beauties


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Within our low floral selection, diversity thrives as vibrantly as it does in our towering centerpiece repertoire. Here, we traverse the spectrum, scaling from the ultra-grand to the charmingly petite. The low lush design, you see, is a canvas with myriad interpretations, each more captivating than the last.

These examples manifest in various vessels, each imbuing the design with its unique character and aura. We extend an invitation to approach these pieces with an open mind, for they are blank canvases awaiting your vision to transform them into the embodiment of your desired palette and composition.

In our standard repertoire, you'll find a range of exquisite options:

Extra Large Low Lush Floral: This majestic creation graces the grandest of tables, commands attention as a statement piece in any space, and even finds its place as a captivating ceremony adornment. Its essence closely aligns with our Tea-cup design, promising a visual feast.
Large Low Lush Floral: Popular for its grandeur, these pieces are nothing short of scrumptious with their lavish blooms, promising opulence beyond measure.
Medium Low Lush: A more petite iteration of the low lush, it boasts versatility that knows no bounds, making it a charming addition to your design canvas.
Delicate Bud Vases and Accent Florals: For those who seek subtlety and refinement, our delicate options in bud vases and accent florals offer an artful touch to your ensemble.

In this exquisite array, you'll discover the perfect embodiment of your floral dreams, waiting to grace your special occasion with its enchanting presence.

low florals to scale

The art of styling holds a pivotal role in shaping your wedding design. We take pride in embracing a holistic approach, envisioning the entirety of your table scape. This encompasses the meticulous selection of candles and accent florals. At Duia and Jean, our extensive inventory seamlessly complements your floral designs, and our collaborations with trusted 3rd party vendors allow us to curate elements that impeccably capture your floral design aspirations.

Accent florals are woven into a tapestry of creativity, where they harmoniously converge with candles and decor pieces. These clusters of design transcend convention, crafting eclectic and one-of-a-kind canterpieces that are destined to leave you and your guests awestruck.

Candles & Accent Flowers


Here at Duia and Jean, our unwavering commitment revolves around the selection of the most exquisite and exclusive seasonal blooms to grace our designs. We utilize a high quantity of lush and rare floral selections, a deliberate choice that infuses our creations with opulence and a tactile richness that befits our distinct design style.

In this creative endeavor, we steadfastly refuse to take shortcuts or compromise quality by incorporating less desirable blooms merely to reduce costs. Instead, our philosophy revolves around the belief that our meticulously orchestrated floral compositions are the true harbingers of luxury, and is a quality standard we believe all couples deserve on their wedding day. 

We understand that your wedding is a momentous occasion where every detail should exude a graceful elegance. While we acknowledge that flowers are indeed a luxury, we wholeheartedly affirm that they are a worthy investment, adding an unparalleled dimension of beauty and splendor to your special day.

Commitment to Quality

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